Camp Quirky: Our first Eco Festival

Camp Quirky: Our first Eco Festival


We have been to our fair share of mainstream festivals over the years. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the dam right ugly. Returning home to realise that I am losing faith in the human race, how can people be so unaware, wasteful and irresponsible?!

Camp Quirky was our first taste of a small scale eco festival, with around 800 camper vans and 1200 ticket holders. The festival had been organised by the team behind Quirky Campers - a company that hires out handcrafted camper vans. This years festival was based in Northamptonshire.

Quirky Campers have been on our radar for a long time. We have visited their Instagram and website numerous times for inspiration and ideas in the early days,especially when it came to planning floras conversion, style and aesthetic. Every van listed for hire was “Van Goals”. We had missed out on the previous year’s festival and this time we didn’t hang about purchasing early bird tickets.

Solar Decker.jpg

It was so refreshing to see a festival taking its waste, energy, goods and services seriously from a Eco point of view. Starting with Composting loos, a renewable alternative. There was no major difference for the user compared to using a standard Portaloos. Toilet roll, hand sanitiser and sawdust (for no2’s) were provided. They are water free and chemical free - all natural. We hate the blue chemicals smell that attempts to masks dirty deeds of the festival goer. Instead this options creating natural fertiliser for the land.

This is a solar powered festival, all the electric to power the bar, stage, production, flood lights and food stalls were provided by a solar fire truck and Double-decker bus. A ban on generators across the site, kept the festival quiet and cut down on fumes.

Recycling stations were placed all over the field. Food served on compostable plates and cutlery. Reusable plastic beakers were used on the bar. You were also encouraged to bring your own mugs, plates and cutlery to reduce waste even further.

The Food vendors were fantastic! Plenty of variety, great prices and a few were served from bespoke vans too! Bit of  theme running here! Our favourites included a wood fired pizza oven, vegan wraps, french toast and coffee served from a horse box trailer. We were so impressed, again you could tell these food vendors had been hand picked. Top marks from Chef Meg.

Solar Fire Truck.jpg

As a festival attraction a number of YouTube and Instagram influential individuals were invited along with their vans, these included The Rolling Home, Florence & the Morgans, Beyond the Van and Houseless not homeless. Our Vanlife version of celebrities. It was great seeing the interactions between people who normally interact online.

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The weekend has its own program of live music, workshops and crafts for adults and children. A designated children’s tent and 3 areas for workshops - named after the Sprinter, Iveco and Crafter. Offering talks, presentations and hands on experiences in areas such as: 12v electrics, Camper van carpentry, How to write a blog, Narrow boat living, Sustainability, Camper van maintenance, Renting out your camper with Quirky Campers, Wood burner installations…. The list continues.

We found these workshops really interesting and got our creativity flowing. We have had so many ideas sprouting from the things we have seen this weekend. Imagine a large group of  adults sat on hay bales and camping chairs, cider or coffee in hand. Pondering, discussing ideas and writing notes. I was truly great to see and be a part of. This made our weekend. I have immediately started writing business ideas, alternative lifestyle choices and most importantly discussed the possibility of rent our very own Flora through quirky campers. Stay tuned!

We had such a great time that we didn’t take many photos, we had decided not to Vlog the event either. This was our down time, to be present in the moment and not live our life through the lens. This is something we are becoming conscious of.


What a fantastic festival! We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at this friendly and intimate festival, which has the best ethos. It was so great to be surrounded by so many like minded humans. We’ve met some great people and have been inspired by what we have learnt and seen at Camp Quirky! So many ideas for the future. We’d like to thank the Camp Quirky Team for putting on such a great festival! Eco friendly and powered by solar! This is how it should be done!

P.s It doesn’t sink … It rocks!

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